RJI Sales Represents These Fine Mechanical Products

RJI Sales Mechanical Products include solutions for custom air handling, gas fired make up air, neutral / DOAS units, pollution control, air conditioning, humidification, dehumidification, purification, chillers, heating, and ventilation.

Heating Equipment – Direct Gas Fired

Heat Pumps – Air to Air

Custom Air Handling Units

Fume & Dryer Fans

Fume Hoods & Controls

Packaged Air Terminal Units (PTAC & VTAC)

Adiabatic Fluid Cooler Solutions and Controls

Control Valves & Hose Kits

HVAC Flow and Energy Measurement Solutions

Packaged Roof Top Units & DX Split Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Fan Coil Units & Unit Ventilators

Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Dehumidification Systems For Indoor Pool


Air Monitor Logo

Air Flow Measurement

Filtration Enhancement

Heating Equipment – Electric


Rawal Valves

Heating Equipment – Radiant Heating

Heating Equipment – Indirect Gas Fired

Coils – Tube & Fin

Water Source Heat Pumps

Self Cleaning Ionization Technology