RJI Sales Represents These Fine Mechanical Products

RJI Sales Mechanical Products include solutions for custom air handling, gas fired make up air, neutral / DOAS units, pollution control, air conditioning, humidification, dehumidification, purification, chillers, heating, and ventilation.

Heating Equipment – Direct Gas Fired

Heat Pumps – Air to Air

Custom Air Handling Units
Fan Array – Fan Matrix
Access  Field Erected Air Handling unit – The Right Fit for the Right Space

1:1 Fume Hood Fans
Dryer Fans , FRP Constructed Fans

Fume Hoods & Controls

Vertical Packaged Air Conditioners (VTAC)
VRP – Inverter Driven, High % filtered OA air, Hot Gas Re Heat Coil Available for humidity control.

Packaged Air Terminal Units (PTAC)
Fresh Air PTACs – Inverter Driven
Ductless Free Splits (DFS)

Adiabatic Fluid Cooler Solutions and Controls
Plate Heat Exchangers

Control Valves & Hose Kits

Air Handling Units
Indoor Pool Dehumidification
Heat Recovery – Total Energy Wheels, Plate Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes

HVAC Flow and Energy Measurement Solutions

Packaged Roof Top Units
DX Split Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Fan Coil Units
Air Handling Units
Unit Ventilators

Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)
Energy Recovery – Sensible Energy
Energy Recovery-Total (sensible+latent)

Dehumidification Systems Indoor Pool Environments
100 % Outdoor Air Solutions


Air Monitor Logo

Air Flow Measurement

Dust Collection and Pollution Control
Filtration – Enhance

Variable Frequency Drives

Energy Recovery – Sensible Energy

Heating Equipment – Electric


Rawal Valves

Heating Equipment – Radiant Heating

Heating Equipment – Indirect Gas Fired

Coils – Tube & Fin

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

Heat Pumps – Water Source
Heating Equipment – Direct Gas Fired