LG Adds Indoor DOAS unit to the VRF Line Up

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LG’s Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution delivers 100% outside air – make up air solutions


LG’s Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution

100 % OA -Make Up Air Solutions

1200-2000 CFM – Range

  • Direct connect to the VRF Loop
  • Double wall insulation (Low sound)
  • Low profile (Saves ceiling space)
  • Backward Inclined Plenum Fan – Up to 1.65” ESP
  • Variable speed fans with ECM motor (ECM adjustable static pressures)
  • Merv 8 filter standard (Clean indoor air)
  • SCR controlled electric preheat coil (Saves energy)
  • Access doors with removable pins (Easier service)
  • Ties right into the existing communication com (seamless)
  • Web accessible controls (Remote access)
  • LonWorks or Bacnet ready (Saves install cost)
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