LG Adds Indoor DOAS unit to the VRF Line Up

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LG's Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution delivers 100% outside air - make up air solutions LG’s Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution 100 % OA -Make Up Air Solutions 1200-2000 CFM – Range

  • Direct connect to the VRF Loop
  • Double wall insulation (Low sound)
  • Low profile (Saves ceiling space)
  • Backward Inclined Plenum Fan – Up to 1.65” ESP
  • Variable speed fans with ECM motor (ECM adjustable static.

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    New Product – AbsolutAire E-Series Direct-Fired Air Turnover Unit

    The AbsolutAire E-Series combines the very best features of indirect-fired air turnover units and direct-fired heating systems. The heart of the concept beats strong. Less horsepower is used for maximum ventilating with efficient axial fans. And less fuel is used for maximum heating and reduced emissions with 100% efficient direct-fired burners. AbsolutAire has a patent applied for on this breakthrough.

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    Semco Midsize Packaged Ventilation System

    The Semco Midsize Packaged Ventilation system series is available in four cabinet sizes, ranging in airflow capacity from 2,500 scfm to 15,000 scfm, and can be used to precondition outdoor air going to other conventional air handling systems or as an integrated systems that provides total space conditioning with the additional heating and cooling options.

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